Knowing and standing on the Truth gives stability of life!

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What is Truth?


Fundamental TRUTHS are bottom line principles of life upon which all other TRUTHS are based.  Essential TRUTHS of life are non-optional guidelines for success and do not change.  In John 14:6, Jesus Christ declared that He was the TRUTH and in John 8:31-32 He exclaimed anyone holding on to His Words would know the TRUTH and be set free.

What we offer


Try The Truth ministries will bring eye opening, life enhancing TRUTHS concerning many  issues.  These will be offered through emails, downloads, books, and music recordings.

About Us


Pastor Cecil T. Washington is the current Pastor/Organizer of The New Beginning Baptist Church.  He is also an author, singer and well-respected leader in the community of Topeka, KS.  He is the current chaplain for the Kansas State Legislature and founder of P.A.L.S. (Prayers Answered Lives Saved) which is a support group offering deliverance from addictive/dysfunctional behaviors.  Last but not least, he is husband to Audrey and they've been married for 50 years.