Try The Truth

try the truth ministries will bring Eye Opening, Life Enhancing TRUTHS concerning many issues.

These will be offered through emails ,  downloads , videos ,  and webinars webinar-150x150[1] , and music recordings –


“The Triple AAA Solution To Our Double AA Problem”  How to solve the ROOT Problem of Life

  • “How To Develop Healthy Relationships/Friendships”; Buddying with a fool causes harm
  • “Igniting…Rekindling The Fire Of Marriage”;
  • “God And The Black Man”; God’s Answer To The Race Problem.

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Why TRUTH?  Knowing and Standing on the TRUTH gives STABILITY to life.

Falsehood, Lies and Deceptions…Damage personal relationships and Reduce quality of life.

Holding on to the TRUTH frees you from the Insecurity of believing a LIE.

Acting on an Untruth results in Instability and Turmoil Frown

TRUTH always has it’s imitations.  Where there’s butter, you’ll find margarine.

Where there’s Leather you’ll find pleather (plastic). Ha Ha

What is TRUTH?    Fundamental TRUTHS are bottom line principles of life upon which all other TRUTHS are based.  Essential TRUTHS of life are non optional guidelines for success and do not change.  Two plus two is always Four.  If the answer changed according to the situation or how someone felt, there would be NO STANDARDDoubt it!

In John 14:6, Jesus Christ declared that He was the TRUTH.  He exclaimed in John 8:31-32 that anyone holding on to His Words would know the TRUTH and be set free.  Ha Ha

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