the triple "a" solution for our double "a" problem


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A POWERFUL MESSAGE: First presented many years ago to sixty students attending a chapel service on the campus of Central Michigan University. Twenty-seven of them embraced their new faith, many with great emotion, and made life-changing decisions for Christ. God has used this message to bring hundreds into His Kingdom.

  • Relevant: Helps the reader understand the problem of separation from God. Addresses the sin problem; the real root cause of life’s problems.
  • Practical: Leads the reader in trusting Jesus as both Savior and Lord
  • Inspires Growth: Guides the believer in seeking healthy spiritual development.
  • Easily Digested: Five chapters, thirty pages…ordinary, everyday speech.

EVANGELISM TOOL: Two features aid in evangelistic use:

  • Presentation Page: Similar to Bibles. Promotes giving gift copies, encouraging family and friend evangelism. A caring way to share the Gospel with someone who may more readily, and privately, reada spiritual message than hear a sermon!
  • Follow-up Page: Encourages reader to report their decisions (salvation, re-dedication and Church commitment), share their new joy with others and provide contact information for follow-up.

CHURCH SELECTION: Gives specific guidelines on why and what to look for.

EARLY DISCIPLESHIP TOOL:  Use as text for New Member’s class, or with existing members, to ensure they have a clear understanding of the gospel.


  • Chapter One: Defines and clarifies the “Double A Problem” of Sin.
  • Chapter Two: Tells us why the “Double A Problem” is at the core of all life’s problems: spiritual, social, physical and eternal.
  • Chapter Three:Explains God’s answer, the Gospel of His Son Jesus Christ.
  • Chapter Four: Leads the reader in understanding and applying the “Triple A Solution”. This is the step of victory.
  • Chapter Five: Encourages Christ-like growth with balance in five key areas, including advice about uniting with other spiritual believers…the Church.